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Tech Ready Buildings

Lifecycle Management Opportunities for Contractors.

Do you want to leverage your current relationships and build your business inside buildings you already service?


Not long ago, on-site gyms, cafeterias and other building amenities were hot reasons tenants chose a building. Today, connectivity, location, and price are the top 3 priorities for tenants leasing new office space.

Without actively maintaining and documenting a building’s technology, property managers are limited to marketing dated connectivity information and certifications to their brokers and prospective clients.


Accurate documentation and active management of a building's full portfolio of technology, down to the granular level of the equipment, circuits and low-voltage cabling housed in the building’s telecommunications rooms, riser closets and other common areas, is essential to future-proofing a building‘s infrastructure and its marketability.

Drive Vertical Business With Tech Ready Buildings

Executives acknowledge that the benefits of IoT and AI technologies are not limited to tenant experience. They can also raise operational efficiency and lower costs.

- 2020 Deloitte Commercial Real Estate Outlook.
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Develop a Tech-Ready Program to ensure you can meet the lifecycle management needs of your customers.
Leverage your expertise to give management and ownership peace-of-mind knowing their building's technology and connectivity services are in the hands of someone who has an intimate understanding of their building's infrastructure. 
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Expand your business by providing exceptional managed services & becoming a trusted technology adviser to your building's management team and their tenants.


Services You Provide:

Partnered with riserSAFE:


  • On-site Installations & Maintenance


For more information on riserSAFE, visit

Based on your firms’ capabilities and the extent to which you want to pursue a complete Tech Ready Building program, you may consider partnering with other organizations to provide a comprehensive program that will fit the ongoing needs of the tenants, property managers, and ownership groups that you work with.

Concert Technologies has developed a national program called riserSAFE to help local ICT contractors reduce the complexity of developing Tech Ready Building programs by providing the tools they need to nurture their new and return customers into long lasting partnerships.

The below table is a list of items for you to consider during the development of a Tech Ready Building program: 


  • Program Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Documentation Management

  • Site Tech/Installer Management

  • Building Access Management




  • Building Ownership 

  • Property Management

  • Tenants

  • Account Management

  • Lead Generation

  • 360 Photos

  • Building Plans

  • Building Access Records

  • Prescribed Pathway Records

  • Pathway Capacity Records

  • Building Technology Profile

  • Specialty Docs

  • Carrier Access Agreements

  • Tenant Provided Records

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Email Notifications

  • Building/Tenant/Vendor Contact Info

  • Building Portal Support

  • Site Management (RTPM/PMP)

  • Coordination/Scheduling

  • Record Keeping

  • Portal Input

  • 24/7 Building Support



Expand Your Business From Floor to Floor, Building to Portfolio.

Develop Your Tech Ready Program
With the Help of a Network of
Nationwide Partners.

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When asked about searching for work space during the next decade, tenants responded that quality of Internet became the top priority (92%) with price and location a close second and third (89% and 88%, respectively.)

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