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The Full Story.

Concert Technologies' Tech Ready Buildings Initiative

Drawing on insights accumulated through a series of groundbreaking systems, platforms, and programs focused on the maintenance and active management of connectivity infrastructure and its documentation, Concert Technologies recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to accommodating the needs of all levels of building stakeholders who strive to create and update modern Smart Building spaces and meet the technology needs of their building occupants.


The Tech Ready Buildings initiative emerged as the culmination of years of research and development from the lessons learned by Concert Technologies as we worked alongside building ownership groups and management teams who were faced with the challenge of understanding how to implement, support, and plan their modern Smart Building technology solutions.

Tech Ready Buildings actively support the integration of new digital technologies and leverage on-going connectivity automation for Smart Buildings to enhance building performance and occupant experience, making the building smarter today than it was yesterday. So... how, exactly, is this possible?

Let's Start At the Beginning.

At it's core, the Tech Ready Buildings initiative is driven by Concert Technologies and our 28+ years of global experience in the telecommunications industry, delivering over 585,000 technology rollouts to 66% of the companies on the Fortune 100 list and 91% of all U.S. Government Agencies.  

This experience led to the development of our award winning platforms, processes, and project management programs and the ability for us to continually provide our customers industry leading 92.7% Tech On-Time and 99.8% Done Right 1st-Time performance metrics.


First Step, Circuit Delivery. 

First, we developed our Demarc Externsion Nationwide program to deliver an accelerated and exceptional level of service for the installation and maintenance of circuits on a nationwide scale.

Our long standing relationships with every major Internet Service Provider (ISP) allow us to provide all types of site preparation activities, circuit delivery services, and equipment installation smart hand support to our customers, ensuring their high volume projects are completed rapidly and always done right the first time:

  • Trusted network of local partners within 55 miles of every ZIP code in the USA

  • 1 Million circuits installed/tested

  • 2 Million Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) installed/tested


Next Step, Infrastructure Verification as a Service (IVaaS).

After years of delivering technology to our customers and gaining intimate knowledge of their buildings, it became abundantly clear that they weren't able to properly maintain their infrastructure documentation. Every time there was a move, add, or change (MAC) done, they would simply 'set it and forget it.'

These changes, compounding over time, invariably lead to a large number of “unknowns”, which thrust the customer into costly situations ranging in severity from not knowing where a cable run terminates, to difficulty in future design-builds, or even the complete inability to efficiently resolve an outage. 

This led to the development of our award-winning Infrastructure Verification as a Service (IVaaS) platform and VeriStructure® program.


Together, they act as an online portal and dedicated project management program that give our customers access to accurate and actively managed documentation of their entire organization's connectivity infrastructure footprint, resulting in:

  • Streamlined facility/vendor management

  • Optimized resource allocation

  • Accelerated project proposal development

  • Online portal access to entire organization's footprint


The Finish Line? CRE Industry’s Premiere Tech Ready Building Program.

As we continued to provide our IVaaS platform and VeriStructure program to customers, we began customizing the documentation and service request requirements of the platform to fit their organizational goals.


Increasingly, we were tasked with helping them understand, implement, and maintain Smart Building technology as they transitioned from conventional structures to more technologically advanced environments.  

The result? Concert Technologies' riserSAFE® Program. 


Built on the IVaaS platform, leaning heavily on the processes and methodology of our VeriStructure program, and utilizing the lessons learned servicing over 10,000 CRE Buildings, riserSAFE is the fully customized vehicle in which we deliver our Tech Ready Buildings initiative to CRE stakeholders:

  • Actively maintained documentation of smart building technology

  • Streamlined facility/vendor management

  • Comprehensive building profiles

  • Smart building certification planning and execution

  • Smart sensor and device planning and advisory services

  • Tenant technology concierge services

  • Centralized building documentation of entire Asset portfolio

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Tech Ready Buildings: A Path to Smarter Buildings
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