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Tech Ready Buildings Resources

Industry insight into everything you need to know about Tech Ready Buildings: emerging technologies, best practices, trends to follow, and more.

CABA: Smart Building Certification Programs Think Tank

In the BICSI Holistic Building Assessment session, we mentioned a video presentation organized by CABA (now ASHB – the Association for Smarter Homes & Buildings) that explores the details of smart building certification programs.  The focus is an in-depth discussion and comparison on the development, requirements, and value of the two prominent smart building certification programs: SPIRE, presented by TIA and UL Solutions; and SmartScore, offered by WiredScore.

Tech Ready Buildings: Maintaining and Upgrading Smart Buildings

Integrating smart building technologies in modern commercial real estate has the potential to attract forward-thinking tenants. (
Tech-Ready Buildings.jpg

Tech Ready Buildings: A Path to Smarter Buildings

This article explores the vital steps involved in understanding connectivity infrastructure, the significance of proactive maintenance and documentation, and the importance of strategic planning for future technology implementation, culminating in the realization of Tech Ready Buildings.

TIA: Smart Building Working Group

Concert Technologies is one of the TIA Smart Buildings Working Group Participants, joining the mission to grow the overall Smart Buildings industry in terms of technology, awareness and government advocacy. The TIA program was born out of a collaboration with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with the intent to develop the world's most comprehensive and holistic Smart Buildings assessment criteria and measurement tool.

IVaaS Resource Library

Learn more from, a platform of Concert Technologies and website dedicated to shaping and defining Infrastructure Verification as a Service (IVaaS).

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Cover Article

Infrastructure Verification as a Service - A Standardized Approach To Infrastructure Verification and Maintenance
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