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The Benefits and Challenges of Carrier Diversity in CRE

In today’s commercial real estate (CRE) market, a strong connectivity infrastructure is essential for providing tenants with an advanced digital experience. Carrier diversity, which ensures reliable and flexible telecom services, becomes a significant selling point for distinguishing your portfolios. However, building ownership may hesitate to bring in more carriers due to capacity constraints and/or the associated headaches.  

Having multiple carriers in a building doesn't automatically guarantee diversity. Carrier diversity utilizes different pathways, technologies, and carriers to provide separate network connections within your building, adding resiliency to your connectivity infrastructure and offering additional options for tenants. However, this diversity also comes with challenges, such as the physical separation of pathways and the need for proper site preparation to avoid delays and multiple visits. This is where Site Readiness and EUCR play a crucial role. 

Site Readiness Scenarios

Consider these two scenarios: 

Tenant Perspective: Imagine a tenant moving into a new building and reaching out to their local telecom provider to set up internet/voice services in their suite. After placing the order, the tenant receives a letter outlining Customer Premise Prep Services or EUCR (End User Contingency Requirements) that must be fulfilled for service activation. 

Example EUCR Form

EUCR, or End User Contingency Requirements, are a set of conditions that must be met for a carrier to establish services to your property or suite.  It’s also commonly known as Customer Premise Prep or Site Readiness. When a tenant receives a EUCR letter, it typically prompts questions like: What does this letter mean? Why is my building or suite not wired properly? What are the timelines? And most importantly, how much will this cost me? 

Concert Technologies (CT) Solution: Lack of familiarity with the specific details of these requirements often leads to confusion, multiple site visits, and unexpected delays in service delivery. Luckily, Concert Technologies' Tech Ready Buildings initiative specializes in solving these types of problems for tenants and property management. Partnering with an experienced third party like Concert Technologies streamlines this process by addressing requirements, conducting site surveys, and planning steps for seamless installation. 


Ownership/Property Management Perspective: On the other hand, imagine Cogent expressing interest in having a presence in your building to introduce services. However, if AT&T is already a carrier there, Cogent might opt to use AT&T's infrastructure rather than setting up its own network equipment. This common practice sees carriers leveraging existing infrastructure cabling from outside manholes into the building. An often-overlooked aspect in identifying genuine end-to-end diversity is to ensure uninterrupted building operations, especially in the event of a network disruption affecting both carriers simultaneously. 

CT Solution: A comprehensive technology profile or digital readiness assessment is critical in managing infrastructure efficiently as you have someone who understands the current infrastructure and can maintain it as new carriers enter your buildings. Our Tech Ready Buildings initiative specializes in preparing buildings for multiple carriers to install circuits, easing the burden on property management teams. We ensure diversity through contract negotiations and secure financial incentives for carriers leasing space for their equipment in your space. 

The evolving landscape of commercial real estate demands the need for a strong connectivity infrastructure to meet tenants' sophisticated digital requirements.  Standing out in a competitive market requires recognizing that mere presence of multiple carriers in a building doesn't ensure genuine diversity. True carrier diversity requires in-depth knowledge of existing infrastructure to anticipate future needs and enhance connectivity resilience to set your portfolios apart from others.  Concert Technologies not only streamlines the telecom site readiness process but also empowers tenants, property managers, and carriers to navigate these complexities with confidence.  

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