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Making Your Building Smarter Today Than Yesterday

Tech Ready Buildings actively support the integration of new digital technologies and leverage on-going connectivity automation for Smart Buildings to enhance building performance and occupant experience, making the building smarter today than it was yesterday.

City Scape.jpg
City Scape.jpg
Tech-Ready Presentation Trailer for BICS
80% of property teams plan to spend at least half their time this year improving the tenant experience. Attracting and retaining quality tenants is at the heart of success in the $3.5 trillion CRE industry.
84% of tenants stated they’d pay more for per square foot for their space if the owner could prove their building’s reliable connectivity. Meanwhile, 77% of tenants revealed they’d sign a longer lease in a building that had superior connectivity infrastructure.
Tenants rate public Wi-Fi as the top amenity contributing to positive workplace experience. It is rated higher than a gym, café, coffee shop, or meeting and event space. Communication and connection are so important that 74% of Millennials surveyed said they couldn’t go more than one day without access to their smartphones.
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